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ART CENTRAL / ART BASEL, O Gallery Booth C10 & P08, Hong Kong

  • Art Central HK 9 Lung Wo Road Central, Hong Kong Island Hong Kong (map)

Incorporating the works of Chris Wood, Joseph C.L. Tong, Katrin Fridriks, Karl Heinz Ströhle, Esther Naor and Thomas Canto, O Gallery presents an investigation of the infinite possibilities of perceiving light, colour, form and repetition. Interpreting the conditions of duality between monochrome and colour, light and shadow, kinetic and static, these installations create shifting visuals that invite viewer participation and broaden established perceptions of art. 

Upon entering the booth, Joseph C. L. Tong’s radiant Plexiglass works reflect multicoloured shadows on the floor beneath. From each direction the surface appears to alter and shift, treading the line between painting, sculpture and installation. Exploring the impact of variances in light, Tong’s works articulate a striking visual nature that conveys a degree of stability in an otherwise fluid compositional series. Using another variety of optical materials, Chris Wood’s light installation Elliptical Arrangements exploits the aesthetic potential of light by harnessing and ordering its natural and artificial qualities into shifting patterns of colour, shade and materiality. The enclosed installation piece is illuminated by optical projections, casting geometric patterns of colour and texture onto the wall surrounding it.

Addressing the complex forces of nature with the controversy of scientific innovation, Fridriks' explosive works are striking in colour and movement. Maintaining a liquid--‐like viscosity on canvas, Fridriks’ abstract paintings constantly appear on the verge of a drip - a change - that is once amorphous and meticulous. Karl-Heinz Stöhle’s monochromatic multimedia works examine line and space through playful minimalism, using spring steel strips to generate seemingly fragile, flexible objects that may react to subtle movements in proximity. In fluid lines StroÅNhle's sculptures are illuminated from the front, casting shadows that communicate a fourth-dimension of spatial awareness.

Thomas Canto - Suspended Horizon
Solo projects section/ booth PO8

Meticulously engineered with a combination of painted wooden panels, metal cables, Plexiglas and nylon wires, Suspended Horizon appears at first glance to be an arbitrary collection of shape and line. In fact, each line represents a thorough personal study of a moment, place, or experience. Drawing inspirations from memories and impressions of places and people he has encountered, Suspended Horizon demonstrates a surrealist moment in fleeting memory of bustling urban living.

In continuation of his work on the relationship between man and architecture, Canto’s installation integrates the rawness of his graffiti style with the fundamentals of Suprematism and Op Art. The geometrics, saturation of light and shadow, and suspended overhang generate an optical illusion that challenges structure and form. With the notable absence of man, viewers should be able to place and navigate themselves in the architecture, interacting with the kinetic effects of the piece.

Thomas Canto is a French artist both in 1979. Beginning as a graffiti artist, Canto’s visual language explores an abstract and disorganized entanglement reminiscent of urban life. Incorporating techniques of Japanese printmaking, dynamic calligraphy and structural blue prints into his surrealistic architecture, Canto combines the precision of construction with the splashes and spontaneity of graffiti to depict the random equilibrium of urbanity. Canto has exhibited in numerous exhibitions worldwide. Recent installations include the K. Live Festival in France, the Outdoor Urban Art Festival in Rome and the Magda Danysz Gallery in Shanghai. K11 Foundation recently commissioned for Canto’s work to be shown at their Collection in Wahan, China.

Press release courtesy O Gallery.