Four things I hold

Dear to me

Four systems of function

Render me anonymous.






Who is holier

Than he

Who speaks in rhyme?






I sit as an observer

My eyes set upon nature


My thoughts vary in magnitude

My voice is carried with a soft breath

In the hope that father will find



Yet it is he who

Seeks my praise.






Fluid breath

Of spring

Twilight extends



Nectar of life

Brings to union

Hand and heart.






I lock horns to kill off

Any remnants of dignity

I battle head-to-head

With those who coincide with me.







Again we fight

A new terror to come ashore



And again we sing

Across oceans my song of folklore


To rest

Again laid to rest

These infants who lived before



There is no time

But to dream of a life no more.






If I am one

Then I am the sum of my parts

Two halves

That assume one façade

One façade that equates

To a whole


But what entity is this

If the quality of each part

Is unaccountable


I think therefore I am

Or I think because I am







Incidental / accidental

Which is definite

The smashed head upon the floor

Or the motion of the fall?







(colour and scent)



(colour and buzzing sound)



(colour, buzzing sound and scent of honey).






I am unknown to myself

But not to you


The clarity of my voice

Is like the rhythm of a trance


It fixates you

While I cast a spell


You listen to me

As I annihilate you.






Dreams materialize

Like an answered prayer


I sleep while I feel

All the emotions of being


Yet this body is

At a standstill


I feel drunk and sober

At this point simultaneously



Whispered into my ear


Molestations occur

Without my warrant


So dreaming is what I want

As dreaming is to be.






Captive in a moment



Held at ransom








Come at a price


A constitution derived from grass and weed.






I shall let my spine dictate

where I go and when I shall leave


How to lean on top of my table

How I recline on an empty chair


I shall dominate the north

And abandon the south


I shall harvest the crops

Under the twilight


And disintegrate

Like the morning dew.






Salome of my own imagination

Jesus from a much-needed faith

Holy trinity I stole from a pedestal

Berlin I came without opposition.