Past, Future, Perfect
2007 - 2018

Past, Future, Perfect presents an ongoing photographic series spanning 11 years in which the portrayal and categorisation of urban decay has been catalogued. Taking inspiration from derelict or abandoned edifices of bygone institutions / establishments, these nonpareil environments become theatres of intrigue in their own right. UV printed onto pre-coated aluminium Dibond plates, each of the images' environs has been intentionally permuted. By exploring and manipulating the algorithms of image-editing software: the original atmospherics (colours, shapes and forms) of each image have been abstracted further by means of pixellation.

By communicating through obscurity and abstraction, this collection of prints suspends all visual intimation of its original setting. This allows for universality in meaning and a spectrum of sensory context that refuse to register; allowing for a total 'reset' in how the image was derived, perceived and conceived. And yet through these processes of abstraction, the narrative remains clear: What has gone before will surely come to pass. By becoming emblems of the past, they concomitantly become allegorical forecasts of a future reality.