NOVAE                                                                             2011



















Eighth of June

Days leading to my birthday

Are days I soon wish to forget

Introspection kicks in

And I look back at my achievements

Or lack thereof


It is strange that a stranger

Can tell of my deep-rooted unhappiness

At first glance

Perhaps it is just mere bitterness

The yearning for normality

That which it is mistaken for


How can I regain some semblance of inner peace

When I look into the mirror and see my true self

Surrounded by possessions that gleam like gold

My heart weighs heavy and my voice shivers 


I am surrounded by greatness and success

And yet I choose to be a recluse

And hide where time has no resonance

Alas, time is no longer on my side.






Death So Sudden

He imagines the noose

While tying the knot

Will it hold his weight


The loaded gun

Gleams in the sunlight

One bullet remains


He fills the bath with

Warm water and steam

Rises like a fine mist


He takes a step forward

And enjoys the view

At last he is fearless.







Years to realize that material grandeur

Has no real place in the heart

I have severed many ties

And now I must settle with myself


Can this year be any different

Will tomorrow shine brighter

Will this heart one day open up to love

And will love welcome me home?