~ Evocare ~


Losing my words to you

I am no longer great nor brave

Sheltering beneath your palm

Sweet sympathy turns to dew.






~ Libatio ~


If only lightning could liberate

Aim and strike at the core

Where guilty passions rage

I would, this crown of thorns, replace.






~ Lysandra ~


Alas, towards a fading breath

Like the mellifluousness

Of a daydream

I am gone.






~ Ingenerare~


I belong in

This numbed silence

In this playground of thoughts

Where Truth lies still, skinned.






~ Elysium ~


Seated at the helm of introspection

Entwined amidst an embroidered fallacy

Eyes gaze forth without  condemnation

With nerves unsettled.



















~ Provocatio ~


Soliloquy of praise

Perched on my hand like a dove

Without remonstrance

I release it to a forgotten paradise.






~ Evasio ~


Fleeting moments

Subject to consequence

Melt at the brink

With every transgression.  






~ Procuratio ~


The sustenance of pleasure

Flows from the essence of beauty.






~ Procuratio II ~


Where charity has no measure

 Providence reigns infinitely.





~ Miscellaneous ~


Generosity is not measured

By the amount you give

But by the amount

You sacrifice.
























~ Proverbialis ~


To draw on happiness

In between the frames of time

Is to capture a moment

In which many are denied.






~ Babylonius ~


The faint chime of prurience

Encroaches as dusk appears

Like the susurration of a heart-beat

Eyes closed, reality disappears.






~ Axioma ~


Every feeling warrants an explanation

Like a whirlwind, emotions fumble without cause

As every word succumbs to the light

The temple of interpretation is preserved.






~ Dorma ~


Life brings only decay: so

Damn the light, the mirrored hallways

The busy streets, the abject glances

That steer all hopes away.






~ Exhortatio ~


Shame on you, fatherland

For wooing God’s trust

The glorification of conquest dangles like bait

With arms that chime a forgotten hour.



















~ Neuter ~


To seek is to follow ignorance

In waiting comes the unforeseen

In forgetting the paramount is delivered                                                                                           

In rejecting the all-conquering imbues within.






~ Atta Kenare ~


Bruised and battered

Like rotten plums

Fallen from a great height

They crouch at the foot of the cross.






~ Crystallum ~


Riding on the carousel of deceit

Screened by the flames of unreality

Such uncharted allegories

 Do youthful minds trail.






~ Pahlaviv ~


To gaze through the eyes of an emperor

To smell the orchids and touch the gold

To lose it all, life grows

Old in an instant.






~ Disfacere ~


Surrendering to an infinite power

Where strength turns to its substitute

And the frame of composure skews

Fragments may be buried, but the cycle continues.



















~ Epiphania ~


When the heart and the mind

Aligns itself with each other

Life’s simple complexities

Blossom like a rare flower.






~ Intercedere ~


To lose sight of ambition

Is to draw the dagger deeper

Words never fulfil prophecies

Without the deeds to accompany.






~ Maledictio ~


The torment of a reflection

Has made its imprint

The mind seeks validation

As reasons wrestle with expectations.






~ Candidus ~


Love’s escapade

A mere fantasy

Surrendering from the womb

Tender arms embrace my kind.






~ Perfectio ~


Love is not the resounding tune of joy

But the unity of every beat.





















~ Provocatio ~


Silent is the voice that speaks of loss

Still is the heart-beat that brims with fear

And empty is the mind

That demands forgiveness.






~ Rursus ~


 Gone are the colours and sounds of youth

Memories cling onto every wall

Momentum of life, led by crooked steps

Finally submits to the charge of dawn.






~ Salvus ~


I am used to disappointment

What is it to wait another day?






~ Constantia ~


Faith, revisited

Heartache, my Constance.






~ Constantia II ~


The vivid gesture of victory

Flickers with pathetic clarity.

























~ Atrophia ~


With every truth-bearing admission

That finds its way to heaven

Another greed-driven sentiment

Bloats the heart with questions.






~ Solus ~


Beyond the sapphire complexion

Ridden with endearment

A semblance of a fractured moment

Etches poetically into lost time.






~ Insomnia ~


Dissembling the puzzle

With tortured breath

Perpetual beginnings

Renders false destinies.






~ Desiderium ~


The silken veil ascends

Dreams left undisturbed

Bosoms still wet with dew

Masked with a scent of allure.






~ Nysa ~


Shards of light sublime

Pirouettes on the seared dunes

A matrimony of young spirits

Glide into the gleaming horizon.



















~ Donatus ~


Faith tied with a ribbon

Head bowed in contemplation

As the soul searches beyond

Senses rouse frustration.






~ Eulalia ~


As hours amend each dying hour

Irrelevance blends into oblivion

In wait of an apparition beneath the moon

Consciousness wilts as desires bloom.






~ Hevel ~


Certainty ascends like a plume of smoke

Consequence bears no resemblance to hope

The gleaming peripheral allures distant glances

Bound onto ourselves with muted wishes.






~ Hyakinthos ~


Curiosity multiplies with every conquest

Yet passiveness has never strayed far

In search of another truth

This chair has never moved.






~ Arimathea ~


Daylight seeps in and fills

These walls with momentary light

The warmth becomes a memory

As dust settles on footprints.



















~ Vespasanious ~


Love’s conquest lies in its defeat

Its crowning glory; a veil of absence

With confessions, soft cheeks redden

A union sealed with remembrance.






~ Zephyros ~


I can feel her breath

 In every recollection

A turmoil of sentiment

Plunders inside this chrysalis.






~ Castanea ~


I turn to myself and not to God

With every anguish to Him I place

And in seeking reason

I flee from conviction.






~ Myroxylon ~


Will my ending

Extract pity or humour

Would this inevitability stem

From misunderstanding?






~ Buxus ~



Nurtured emotions

Like swollen buds

Sway in the heat

Waiting to unravel.


















~ Cerasus ~



Hypnotized by cinders

Caressed by flames

Eyes sweep across

Her desert  landscape.





~ Canto ~



My hands have touched God’s affinity

Yet where is the cross that bears his divinity

My flesh, an emblem

My mind, its keeper.