Strata Obscura

In Strata Obscura, the immersive and illusory narrative of the works allude to an earlier series L'apparition, where perceptions of dimensionally fluid and malleable visual contexts are examined. Engaging the viewer with a certain dualistic aesthetic, primary concerns include the effects of colour as light, shadow as dimensionally formal structures. Beneath the dichroic surface the unexposed topographical element (composed of industrial aluminium) succumbs to colour changes and visual variations. The elemental structure, reminiscent of stratum, becomes obscured as it adheres to the interplay of form, light, and setting. By developing and focusing on the reflective capacities, the solid structure underlying each work seem to dematerialise, depending on the viewer's perception / standpoint.

The process used to create these works are non-specific yet carried out within very distinctive modes of practice, allowing each work little resistance to interpretation. The manipulation of materials (mirror, aluminium foil) encourage the visual narrative to metamorphose into changed states and diverse modalities. The installations are in continuous colloquy with their locality while their elemental parameters simultaneously alter. Therefore, with each new empirical interaction the work's distinct topographical representation offers the viewer a new and unique visual stimulant.