Proekt Unovisa

Proekt Unovisa is a dedication to Malevich and Suprematism (art that would lead to the "supremacy of pure feeling or perception in the pictorial arts"). Influenced by literary poets such as: Li Bai, Bai Juyi, Wang Wei and Ezra Pound - who wrote without the superfluity of words - this series flouts the rules of compositional visual language, forming delicate links between shape and colour. This collection of works is the result of a search for art's barest essentials. And like Suprematists' interest in abstraction, fired by an exploration for the 'zero degree' of painting (the point beyond which the medium could not go without ceasing to be art) - this series of abstract, geometric paintings probe the visual language of suprematism with spatial elements, utilising shifting axes and multiple perspectives.


As a side note: the series title "Proekt Unovisa" is the description El Lissitzky gave his own brand of Suprematism as Prounism, a derivation of 'proekt Unovisa' ('project for Unovis' / 'Design for the confirmation of the new'); Unovis being the group that Malevich formed in Vitebsk in 1919, and which drew Lissitzky into the fold of the Suprematists.