Inspired by infrared thermography (thermal imaging), emergent impressions in multi-coloured radiance fluoresce in this site-specific installation. Novae resumes the formal investigation from an earlier series, L'apparition (2014) in which the notion of visually transformative and dimensionally fluid contexts are explored. Upon looking up and moving slowly beneath the installation, one can observe constant compositional mutation. Although an almost sunlit-hue of yellow (perceptible when situated at the periphery) permeates the dichroic surface of each of the panels; as one moves along beneath it is possible to witness the immersive transmutation of colour. With each forward / backward movement intense coral and purple hues emerge, radiate, recede; as if a casting shadow (in this instance, the shadow is projected above rather than below).

Novae reveals in its simulation a multitude of compositional variances that create an ongoing dialogue with its environs, as it comes to life - metamorphosing - with each new empirical interaction. The resultant optical depictions force a dynamic engagement with the viewer. Simultaneously celestial and temporal, this work also draws inspiration from the astronomical concepts of a nova, which is an event that causes the sudden appearance of a bright "new" star, that slowly fades from view.