Moment Between Thoughts

Fine gossamer gauze shaped into three-dimensional topographies - with charcoal-laced motifs interposed - decorates a framed void. Balancing, dancing, falling… these motifs (reminiscent of whirling Dervishes) become emblems connoting movement. Departing from the rigid components and mediums of previous series, Moment Between Thoughts forge a supplemental yet naturalistic way of further exploring the paradigms of dimensional potentiality, through a mode of three-dimensional representation. 

Inspired by the ancient tradition of paper making, which was first invented during the Eastern Han Dynasty (105 AD) from worn fishnet, bark and cloth, this series progresses toward a sensibility and craftsmanship (the artist’s hand is obvious here) where works of art need not be monumental. Rather, they can – at times - be most effective when they are light or even immaterial (although there is a noticeable attempt to capture and contain the 'ethereal'). Here, compositional arrangements tend to be provisional rather than permanent, questioning the relationship between sculptural fragmentation and the categorisation of painting and drawing. The perspective entanglement with the viewer (perhaps drawn to the topographical / three-dimensional characteristic of the works) resonates a somewhat poetic encounter. By enabling the viewer to singularly define it’s visual narrative - where interpretation is laid bare - allows for one’s hesitation and to pause for a moment… between thoughts.