In this series Molecular, an arrangement of individually framed works composed of painted foam (in multi-coloured variation) draws on the continuing narrative questioning the dimensional potentiality of an object. From a side perspective, the surface textured Plexiglas produces an almost architectural facade. By obstructing the viewer from perceiving the layer / content beneath, an immediate tension manifests between viewer and the work itself and invites the viewer to participate and interact further while questioning (human) behaviour, perception, and logic.

The viewer's motion brings to life the hidden context within the work, yet allows for an independent narrative to emerge. Although each piece shares a similar visual reference to each other on the grid-like formation, subtle differences begin to surface and distortions become obvious. As if a petri-dish of representational patterns, that were once recognisable, now become blurred. Attributes such as form, colour and pigment density become intangible. By re-representing mass-produced materials - which, in turn, become identifiable modular objects - enable the viewer to explore how pre-perceived notions are embedded in our psyche in relation to our awareness of objects.