By embarking on an aesthetic that enounces duality, liminality and continuity this series, L’apparition, explores the notion of a dimensionally fluid and malleable visual context. Although a realm of stillness pervades the reflective dichroic surface the underlying topography (composed of linen sheets) perpetuates change dualistically - with constant compositional mutation. The pulsations and undulations (reminiscent of tonal vibrations or wind-swept dunes) seep and soar beneath. The reflection cast on the floor (a shadow of multi-coloured variances) becomes an extension of the two dimensional vertical plane, enhancing the dimensional attribute (potentiality) of the work, and becomes a simulated channel in which the viewer can be immersed.

The techniques used to create these works are generic yet carried out within very specific delineations of practice, allowing the artwork a gentle resistance of definition and questioning of context. The use of contrasting materials encourages the visual narrative to metamorphose into different states, changed conditions and varied modalities. The installations are in uninterrupted dialogue with their environs, and - due to their reflective disposition - draw meaning from their surroundings while simultaneously alter their very parameters. Thus, each individual piece with their distinct motifs operates within a chromatic framework and bears the imprint of a multitude of variances, which are stimulated by each new empirical interaction.