Decontextualised images emerge beneath a surface layer of structured Plexiglas and curtains of industrial latex and dichroic film. With the use and synthesis of visually disorientating materials each canvas in this series allows the viewer to explore aspects of dimensional potentiality. From a frontal perspective, clarity of the image beneath is easily definable and perceptible. Upon shifting one’s standpoint, however, the image appears to evanesce - only to simultaneously re-emerge again (depending on one’s motion). The inherent nature of each piece, therefore, depends on the variable nature of one’s perception. In turn, allowing the viewer to establish his or her own unique visual, metaphorical and metaphysical interpretation.

The works’ multi-dimensional attributes create a synergetic engagement with the viewer, offering countless ‘viewpoints’ for scrutiny. Thus, aspects of dualism and contradiction occur throughout. Depending on one’s proximity to the work, one can explore the precise balance between play with illusionistic depth and that of a superficial or ‘architectural’ surface that reinforces the picture’s flatness. This exploration probes the boundaries and potentials of abstraction as a medium - questioning the efficacy of a work’s illusory and representational state.